Mystery musician first to hit $1 million in sales

The Banksy of the stock music world, Pink Zebra, has become the first music author in Envato's creative marketplace to achieve over $1 million in sales

The mysterious composer, known only as PinkZebra, has been selling music on Envato's AudioJungle for four years. Yesterday they clocked up $1 million in sales to commercial clients large and small around the world.

That's roughly the equivalent of 100 million streams on Spotify.*

Envato CEO Collis Ta’eed says the milestone is a remarkable personal achievement for PinkZebra as well as a proud milestone for Envato.

“After four years, 400 tracks and 50,000 sales, PinkZebra has reached Power Elite. Wow!”

"It's a thrill when our members achieve financial as well as creative success," adds Envato's Community Manager, Natalia Manidis.

"Envato empowers people to earn a living from their talents. We're a proud community focused business who uses technology to bring people together to create inspiring and purposeful projects."

PinkZebra is a Banksy-esque giant in the world of stock music - those notes you hear in videos, commercials, movies, television, radio and online that underscore or drive home the message. 

"My life has changed because of Envato," says PinkZebra, who insists they are in fact, a pink zebra.

Their most popular track, Larger Than Life, has amassed over 1 million views on YouTube. (You might find it familiar).

What makes a hit track?

Creating the perfect sound for a project isn't too different from creating a billboard hit. Here are PinkZebra's 5 tips for crafting the perfect audio track:

1. Immediate likeability. For a tune to hit its mark it must be easy to like on the first listen. You can't expect the listener to play the track several times to get used to it and over time come to appreciate the music. It needs to grab the audience immediately and not let go.

2. Emotional connection. The music must satisfy an emotional need. Everyone is looking for an emotional impact - whether it be humour, passion, or inspiration. If a music track can't hook into feeling, it won't stick or stand out.

3. High production values. The production needs to have polish. We're conditioned to recognise the sound of well-produced music. Great recordings have a rich and balanced sonic character. Almost immediately, people can identify music that doesn't meet that high production standard.

4. It's all about contrast. Art is about contrast, and music is no exception. Musical drama is created using contrasts within instrumentation, reducing or increasing the number of instruments to help define sections of a piece. One frequently used musical technique that creates dramatic contrast is a quiet pause before the start of a powerful new section. These moments are gold for creators and irresistible for listeners.

5. Tell a story.  Music should take you on a journey that makes you want to stick around for the destination. It doesn't need to be profound; it could be a journey of escape. But it has to carry you out of your reality and into its own.


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