Envato campaign designed to get small business moving online

Plus: Which small business sectors are setting up shop online?

Australian startup Envato, home of the worlds largest community of website builders, has launched a new campaign designed to help people turn their Wordpress blog into a revenue generating business.

The campaign offers five days of discounted Wordpress plugins and free tutorials to support the tools. They include: payment forms and functionality, email list capability, search engine optimisation tools, appointment booking and calendar capability, and a customisable menu. 

Each plugin is mobile friendly and targeted at small business owners who want to get set up to earn a living from their site.

Research by Deloitte Access Economics shows small businesses utilising their website see 20 per cent higher annual revenues, while the 2014 Sensis e-business Report revealed 69% of Australian SMEs with websites said those sites had made their business more effective.

One such business is Interiors Addict, one of Australia's most popular blogs, and a thriving digital business for its creator, Jen Bishop. 

"I turned my Wordpress blog, Interiors Addict, into a business when I was made redundant from my magazine editor job two years ago," says Jen.

"It's allowed me to create my own business where I employ someone else, work flexibly from home around my family and make more money than I ever have." 

UK blogger Kim Sklinar used Envato themes and plug ins to turn her music blog into an award-winning music magazine and PR agency, www.neverenoughnotes.co.uk

"When Never Enough Notes began I didn't know what Wordpress was, never mind use it" says Kim. 

"When you realise something is going to be a serious business, it needs to look swish. Branding, look and feel, business functions. I self-taught as much as I could, then used Envato to find the jigsaw pieces to build the puzzle of my online identity."

"Anyone can earn income from their blog now," says Alex Holmes, Digital Marketing Manager for Envato.

"You used to need your own eCommerce shop, affiliate relationship or startup, but increasingly, we're seeing bloggers sell many more things than just eBooks, both directly from content pages as well as from their own email lists."

Small business digital marketplace trends

Envato is seeing a strong trend of small business worldwide setting up shop - and it's reflected in the themes people are buying. 'Micro' themes targeted for specific types of business are increasingly popular, with some sectors ahead of the game. Construction and real estate are clear leaders in carving out their own slice of digital turf.

Here are the biggest selling niche or 'micro' themes (specific business) on the Envato marketplace for 2015 to date:

Top 7 top selling niche website themes 

1. Construction

2. Real estate

3. Churches

4. Education

5. Restaurants

6. Sports

7. Automotive

Other emerging small business top sellers include child care/kindergartens, town councils/local government, logistics providers and dog kennels!

The top 5 most searched niche themes for 2015 are:

1. Real estate

2. Travel

3. Restaurant

4. Hotel

5. Photography

Envato's 5 Days of Discounts & Free Tutorials to Turn Your Site Into a Business launches midday (AEST), June 16 at go.codecanyon.net/wpoffer.

The Envato marketplace features over 4.5 million digital products created by a global community of designers, developers and producers. Envato is an all Australian owned startup, and a proud family business.

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