Envato launches unlimited downloads of WordPress themes and plugins

The world’s largest seller of WordPress themes has added over 300 premium themes and plugins to Envato Elements.

Melbourne, Australia - November 14, 2017 - Envato Elements now includes unlimited downloads of over 300 premium WordPress themes and plugins, affirming its position as a must-have subscription for designers, web developers and digital creatives worldwide.

Launched in 2016 with fonts, templates, graphics and icons, Envato Elements has steadily increased its offerings over the past year to include photos and 3D items. The addition of WordPress themes and plugins brings the total number of items available to more than 400,000 - all of which annual subscribers have unlimited access to.

Envato has been a pioneer of WordPress themes with over seven million themes sold on ThemeForest - the world’s largest WordPress marketplace. The initial 200+ themes selected for inclusion on Envato Elements range from multipurpose to niche, and all are intelligently designed, functional and fully responsive. Users can further enhance their site’s functionality with over 100 clever plugins enabling enhanced SEO, social sharing, bookings and more.

Our aim for Envato Elements has been to create the essential subscription service for digital creatives, while providing additional earning opportunities for our global community of contributors. Given the size of the market, and the Envato community’s strength within WordPress, we believe Envato Elements is in an excellent position to deliver on our aim.

Ben Chan, Acting CEO

Envato Elements subscribers are drawn to the product with the knowledge that each contributor is vetted, so all items are on trend and of the highest quality, and the WordPress additions are no different.

Finding the right theme or plugin can be difficult in the WordPress world, unless you know what you’re looking for. Envato Elements’ curated collection is a great way to explore what’s out there for WordPress users and discover new designs and functionality to take your website to the next level.

James Giroux, Author Engagement Lead

The arrival of WordPress items to Envato Elements also marks the ability for users to choose an annual subscription, as well as the current cancel-any-time monthly option. Only annual subscribers will receive access to WordPress items. Both options have their sign-up pricing locked in for the lifetime of the subscription.

For many customers who need a single or specific theme, ThemeForest will remain the home of WordPress at Envato. Having WordPress available on Envato Elements offers an alternative place for the community to buy and sell, with the subscription catering especially to those with a need for a high volume of assets for their creative projects.

The growth of Envato Elements shows how valuable an unlimited download subscription service is for creatives. It has been reinforced as the number one online destination for those seeking inspiration, help in delivering a project or simply for lovers of great design.

WordPress themes and plugins, along with 400,000 digital assets, are available now on Envato Elements for a launch price of USD$228 for 12 months.

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