Envato closes in on $1 billion USD in community earnings

Envato’s global community of digital creatives have now earned more than $750m USD, the company has announced this week.

The milestone puts Envato on track to hit its goal of $1 billion USD in author payouts by 2021, and comes just a year after it reached the $600m milestone in March 2018.

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Making up the milestone figure is at least 140 authors have made at least $1m USD in gross sales across Envato, and a further 2200 authors who have made more than $75,000 USD in gross sales.

“We knew when we originally set the $1 billion dollar goal it was quite ambitious “ said Chief Operating Officer Ben Chan, “but the spirit behind that decision still remains one of our core guiding principles across the business, and that is: we want to help our community succeed doing what they love with their creative endeavours.”

“As we highlighted in our first public impact report, we’re pleased to be known as a company that shares with our community a higher proportion of all revenue, especially when compared against some of our biggest competitors.”

It has been a big month for one of the world’s largest creative ecosystems, with subscription service Envato Elements now boasting a library of more than one million digital assets available for unlimited download to nearly 150,000 subscribers around the world.

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The growth in subscribers has played a key role in delivering greater results for the Envato community, with a renewed focus on helping customers ‘make’ instead of simply ‘shop’ driving a 50% increase on average earnings from Envato Elements subscriptions.

“We had a record year in 2018 when it came to delivering on our promise of increased author earnings, with more than $134m USD paid out to our contributors. That we have now hit the $750m milestone reaffirms the positive impact we have made in helping our global creative community.”

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What Is Envato?

Founded in 2006, Envato is the world’s leading community for creative assets and creative people.

The network includes Envato Market, Envato Studio, Envato Tuts+ and Envato Elements.

A community of more than ten million people worldwide buy and sell creative assets on Envato Market with total community earnings exceeding $750 million. Millions of students have taken video courses and free tutorials on the Envato Tuts+ education network and Envato Studio connects people with hand picked freelancers to complete their creative projects. Envato Elements is a subscription service with millions of ready-to-use graphic templates, fonts and assets available for unlimited download.